BC.Game Bonus Guide 2023: Boost Your Crypto Bets, Big Time

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Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of BC.Game casino bonuses and promotions? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to BetCryptoGuide.com’s definitive bonus and promotion guide for BC.Game, where we will unveil all the secrets to boosting your crypto betting adventure. Don’t miss out; continue reading to uncover the best BC.Game offers as of 2023!

Embark on your BC.Game journey with an incredible $220,000 welcome bonus, and stay engaged with a plethora of ongoing promotions tailored just for you. In this guide, we will walk you through the ins and outs of BC.Game’s bonus codes and promotional offers, from the thrilling Lucky Spin to the engaging daily tasks and the enticing Master Medal system. This comprehensive guide is designed to assist all players on the BC.Game betting scene, ensuring you maximize your winnings and enjoy the ultimate betting experience with the absolute best bonuses.

For a more in-depth look at everything this casino has to offer, don’t forget to check out our extensive review on BC.Game. We explore all aspects of the casino, including payment methods, games, user experience, VIP program, and special events, to provide you with the knowledge you need to make the most of your time at BC.Game.

Let’s not wait any longer; dive into our BC.Game bonus and promotion guide now and unlock the true potential of your crypto betting experience!

BC.Game Welcome Bonus

BC.Game Welcome Bonus promotion package, featuring 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th deposit bonuses.

Join the thrill of BC.Game with an exceptional welcome bonus package tailored just for you. Consisting of four deposit bonuses that progressively increase in value, you’ll unlock numerous opportunities for remarkable wins. Get ready to embark on a delightful and prosperous gaming adventure at BC.Game, where exciting experiences await.

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First Deposit Bonus up to 180%

BC.Game's 1st Deposit Bonus - Get up to 180% bonus on your deposit!

Kick off your BC.Game adventure with an incredible win by taking advantage of their first deposit bonus, which offers up to 180% on your initial deposit. Perfect for seasoned players and newcomers alike, this bonus allows you to boost your winnings and explore a diverse array of games with additional funds in your account.

Here’s how it works:

  • Deposit $30 – $80 and enjoy an 80% bonus. For instance, with a $30 deposit, you’ll receive a $24 bonus.
  • Deposit $80 – $400 and benefit from a 100% bonus. For instance, with an $80 deposit, you’ll receive an $80 bonus.
  • Deposit $400 or more and receive a whopping 180% bonus. For instance, with a $400 deposit, you’ll receive a $720 bonus.

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Second Deposit Bonus up to 160%

BC.Game's 2nd Deposit Bonus - Get up to 160% bonus on your deposit!

Craving more bonuses at BC.Game? Their second deposit bonus has got you covered, offering up to a 200% bonus on your subsequent qualifying deposit. This bonus provides extra funds for playing your favorite games, enhancing your chances of winning big. Double your deposit and double the enjoyment.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Deposit $60 – $120 and receive a 100% bonus. For instance, with a $60 deposit, you’ll enjoy a $60 bonus.
  • Deposit $120 – $600 and receive a 150% bonus. For instance, with a $120 deposit, you’ll benefit from a $180 bonus.
  • Deposit $600 or more and receive a staggering 200% bonus. For instance, with a $600 deposit, you’ll receive a $1,200 bonus

Third Deposit Bonus up to 220%

BC.Game's 3rd Deposit Bonus - Get up to 180% bonus on your deposit!

Keep the excitement alive with BC.Game’s third deposit bonus, which presents the opportunity to earn up to a 220% bonus on your third qualifying deposit. This bonus allows you to continue exploring a vast array of games and potentially achieve significant wins along the way. Today might just be your lucky day.

Here’s the deal:

  • Deposit $120 – $300 and receive a 100% bonus. For instance, with a $120 deposit, you’ll enjoy a $120 bonus.
  • Deposit $300 – $1500 and receive a 150% bonus. For instance, with a $300 deposit, you’ll benefit from a $450 bonus.
  • Deposit $1500 or more and receive an astounding 220% bonus. For instance, with a $1500 deposit, you’ll receive a $3,300 bonus.

Fourth Deposit Bonus up to 240% bonus

BC.Game's 4th Deposit Bonus - Get up to 240% bonus on your deposit!

Finish your BC.Game experience on a high note with their fourth deposit bonus, offering up to a 240% bonus on your final qualifying deposit. This bonus provides even more funds to indulge in your favorite games and potentially score substantial wins. Make your last deposit truly memorable and conclude your BC.Game bonus adventure with flair.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Deposit $150 – $400 and receive a 100% bonus. For instance, with a $150 deposit, you’ll enjoy a $150 bonus.
  • Deposit $400 – $3000 and receive a 150% bonus. For instance, with a $400 deposit, you’ll benefit from a $600 bonus.
  • Deposit $3000 or more and receive a staggering 240% bonus. For instance, with a $3000 deposit, you’ll receive a $7,200 bonus.

BC.Game In-House Cryptocurrency BCD

BC.Game's in-house cryptocurrency, BCD - 1 USD = 1 BCD.

BC.Game’s in-house cryptocurrency, BCD, is a distinctive and engaging feature that distinguishes it from other online casinos. Designed to enhance the player experience, BCD facilitates quick, secure, and fee-free transactions.

A key advantage of BCD is its 1 to 1 value ratio with the US dollar, enabling players to easily comprehend the value of their transactions. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, BCD’s value remains stable, eliminating concerns about fluctuations. BCD is versatile, as it can be used for all transactions within the BC.Game platform, encompassing deposits, withdrawals, and wagers. Furthermore, players can acquire BCD by completing tasks and engaging in promotions, presenting even more chances to secure significant wins.

How to Redeem Deposit Bonus at BC.Game

When you make your deposit at BC.Game, you’re not only getting access to their exciting casino games but also a chance to earn in-house cryptocurrency. BCD is the exclusive cryptocurrency of BC.Game and is valued at a 1-to-1 ratio with the US dollar, providing a stable and secure way to wager and earn.

Once you make your qualifying deposit, you’ll automatically receive your deposit bonus in locked BCD. However, the thrill of the game is just a spin or roll away from unlocking your bonus BCD. Simply play any of the games on the platform and unlock your BCD to get one step closer to cashing out your winnings.

BC.Game Lucky Spin Bonus

 BC.Game's Lucky Spin promotion - Rewards up to 5 BTC! Join now for your chance to hit the jackpot.

BC.Game’s Lucky Spins is an exhilarating feature that adds an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience. As the name suggests, Lucky Spins provides players with the opportunity to spin a wheel and potentially earn big rewards. The wheel is divided into several sections, each offering different prizes, including free spins, bonus funds, and BCD.

One of the most exciting aspects of Lucky Spins is that it’s available to all players, regardless of their level or experience. Simply spin the wheel and see where your luck takes you. The more you play, the more chances you have to activate the Lucky Spins feature.

BC.Game also offers daily challenges that allow players to earn Lucky Spin tickets. These challenges are designed to test your skills and offer a fun way to engage with the platform. Completing daily challenges not only provides the opportunity to earn Lucky Spin tickets but also helps to unlock other bonuses and promotions.

BC.Game VIP Program

BC.Game promotion for VIP Club featuring cartoon graphic of beautiful woman holding 3 cards.

At BC.Game, players have the chance to earn exciting rewards as they progress through the casino’s VIP levels. By engaging with the community and playing casino games, players can climb the ranks and unlock special bonuses and VIP features.

Starting at VIP Level 3, players can participate in the Roll Competition, where they have the chance to win Dogecoin every day through a fun dice game. At Level 4, a secret treasure chest filled with bonuses awaits, while Level 5 players become eligible for random crypto giveaways on the community forum.

But the perks of being a BC.Game VIP don’t stop there. VIP members also gain access to a dedicated VIP host, who provides personalized assistance and support. Additionally, they can enjoy up to 20% rakeback on wagering losses, daily fee-free withdrawals, and the ability to tip other players on the community forum.

BC.Game Super VIP (SVIP) Program

Join BC.Game's exclusive SVIP Club for access to exciting rewards and benefits.

BC.Game’s Super VIP (SVIP) program is an exclusive club for the casino’s most dedicated players. To achieve this elite status, players must meet specific criteria, including total wagering amount, community engagement, and time spent playing on the platform.

The perks of being an SVIP member are truly top-of-the-line. These players get access to exclusive rewards and events, such as all-expenses-paid trips and huge crypto token prizes. The casino even throws an annual in-person party for SVIPs, which is an unforgettable experience.

But that’s not all – SVIPs also receive the same perks as other VIP members, such as a dedicated host, rakeback on losses, and fee-free withdrawals. The difference is that the rewards are even more significant, making it a top-notch experience for high rollers.

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BC.Game Rakeback

Golden pig flying over BC.Game promotion for casino Rakeback

BC.Game’s Rakeback is an attractive feature that rewards players for their loyalty and gameplay. Rakeback is a percentage of the rake, which is the amount that the casino takes from each pot in certain games like poker. BC.Game returns a percentage of this rake to the players who participated in the game, providing an incentive for continued play.

The Rakeback percentage at BC.Game can vary, depending on the game and the player’s VIP level. For instance, a player with a higher VIP level will receive a higher percentage of Rakeback. The Rakeback percentage ranges from 5% to 20%, offering a considerable potential return on investment.

One of the most appealing aspects of Rakeback is that it’s an ongoing reward, meaning players can earn it on a regular basis as they continue to play. Rakeback is credited to the player’s account on a daily basis, providing a consistent incentive for continued gameplay.

BC.Game Shitcodes

BC.Game promotion for "Shitcode Day"

BC.Game is constantly offering new and exciting promotions for players to enhance their gaming experience, and the limited-time “Shitcodes” are just one example. These special bonus codes allow players to earn free crypto while playing at the casino. To stay up-to-date on the latest “Shitcodes,” players can follow BC.Game on Telegram or Twitter or check the casino’s community forum for the current promotions.

In addition to the “Shitcodes,” BC.Game also offers a variety of promotions for existing customers to keep the excitement level high. One such promotion is the medals system, which allows players to earn medals through various activities, such as wagering and engaging on the community forum. These medals unlock different bonuses based on the number of medals earned.

For instance, players can earn 20 BCD with just 5 medals, while 10 medals unlock an impressive 800 BCD bonus. If a player accumulates 15 medals, they’ll enjoy a generous 2,400 BCD bonus, and those with 20 medals can earn a staggering 10,000 BCD bonus.

The medals system is a fantastic way for BC.Game to reward their loyal players and offer them additional chances to win big. With so many promotions and bonuses available, BC.Game is an exceptional platform for online gaming enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts on BC.Game Bonuses and Promotions

BC.Game colorful promotional graphic

In conclusion, BC.Game’s bonuses and promotions are some of the most exciting and rewarding in the online gaming world. The massive welcome bonus package, ongoing Rakeback rewards, and Lucky Spins feature provide a range of opportunities for players to enhance their gaming experience and potentially win big.

BC.Game’s in-house cryptocurrency, BCD, adds another layer of excitement and convenience, providing fast and secure transactions with no fees. The medals system and “Shitcodes” promotions offer additional opportunities for players to earn rewards and free crypto while enjoying their favorite games.

Whether you’re new to the online gaming world or a seasoned player, BC.Game’s commitment to innovation and player satisfaction makes it a top choice for online gaming enthusiasts. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start playing at BC.Game today to take advantage of their incredible bonuses and promotions!

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BC.Game Bonuses (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

BC.Game logo on transparent background.

What is the welcome bonus package at BC.Game?

The welcome bonus package at BC.Game offers up to $220,000 in bonus funds and is broken down into four deposit bonuses, with each deposit offering a higher percentage than the last.

What ongoing promotions are available at BC.Game?

BC.Game offers a variety of ongoing promotions, including the Lucky Spin, Rakeback Bonus, Task Hub, and Medals system. These promotions offer players the chance to win free spins, cashback bonuses, and other rewards.

What is the BC.Game VIP program?

The BC.Game VIP program rewards loyal players with special bonuses and VIP features as they earn higher VIP status levels. Benefits include access to a dedicated VIP host, rakeback of up to 20% on wagering losses, fee-free withdrawals every day, and the ability to tip other players on the community forum.

How do I unlock bonus funds at BC.Game?

Bonus funds at BC.Game are unlocked by playing any of the games available on the platform. Once you make a deposit, your bonus funds will be locked until you meet the wagering requirement, which varies depending on the bonus.

Are there any special events or tournaments at BC.Game?

Yes, BC.Game regularly hosts special events and tournaments with large prize pools, such as the Rio Carnival event with a $1.2 million prize pool. Keep an eye on the casino’s promotions page for the latest event updates.

Can I use cryptocurrency to claim bonuses at BC.Game?

Yes, BC.Game is one of the most crypto-friendly casinos on the internet and accepts a large variety of cryptocurrencies as payment methods, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others.

What is BCD at BC.Game?

BCD is BC.Game’s in-house cryptocurrency. It provides fast and secure transactions with no fees and is valued at 1 to 1 with the US dollar.

What are “Shitcodes” at BC.Game?

“Shitcodes” are limited-time bonus codes that offer players additional rewards, such as free spins, bonus funds, or BCD. Players can stay updated on the current “Shitcodes” by following BC.Game on Telegram or Twitter or checking the casino’s community forums.

How do I participate in Lucky Spins at BC.Game?

To participate in Lucky Spins at BC.Game, simply play your favorite games and earn Lucky Spins tickets. You can use these tickets to spin the Lucky Wheel and potentially win exciting prizes.

Are the bonuses and promotions at BC.Game available to all players?

Yes, BC.Game’s bonuses and promotions are available to all players, regardless of their level or experience.

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